Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng, a hardy shrub, grows in much of eastern Siberia, Japan, Korea and northern China. Commonly known as eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), it is an “adaptogen” that has been widely used across the centuries by the Chinese and Russians for treatment of allergies, anti-aging, as an antioxidant and anti-stress, for bronchitis, exercise performance, fatigue, infections, memory loss, mental efficiency and immune system stimulator. The root and root extracts of the plant are mainly used to treat the above deficiencies and diseases and it is a close relative of the American and Asian Ginseng. The active ingredients in the plant that impart it the medicinal properties are called eleutherosides and are believed to stimulate the immune system.

Siberian Ginseng for the Prostate –Indirect Effects

Siberian Ginseng doesn’t only benefit the prostate, but also the whole body. It’s more of a “life-style modifying herb”, rather than a prostate “medicine”. This holistic approach to health of the Siberian Ginseng should not however let you undermine its capabilities. In fact, this is the one ideal approach that all forms of medicine strive to achieve.

Siberian ginseng is an excellent immune system booster and hence protects the highly vulnerable prostate from external infections. It has a positive impact on the nervous system, as an effect of which it is highly useful in treating conditions like incontinence, night time bed wetting and dribbling etc.

Siberian ginseng has an antagonistic effect on high blood sugar, as a result of which your prostate is spared of the many ailments (like BPH, Prostatitis and Incontinence etc.) classic of high blood sugar patients.

The herb facilitates peristalsis of the intestinal tract, thereby positively impacting digestion and making the urinary tract less prone to infections.

A recent study involving elderly people has proved that subjects who were on ginseng therapy for 4 weeks had a better social life, compared to those on placebo.

Direct effect of Siberian Ginseng on the Prostate

A very recent published study (Prostate © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.) states that formalin fixed paraffin embedded CA prostate tissue blocks had lower levels of iron and zinc compared to normal prostate tissue.

If that doesn’t seem more than medical jargon, let’s try to break up the facts:

Prostate cancer cells have been found to contain low iron levels, which read backwards simply means that high iron metabolism can prevent prostate cancer. Siberian ginseng does just that. It revs up iron metabolism in the body and protects the prostate from cancer.

You’d find journals stating that high iron metabolism accelerates all cell growth, including the cancer cells, but in case of the prostate, it has a positive impact.

Keeping in view all the positive effects that the Siberian ginseng has, it is imperative that we make it a part of our regular diet to keep the prostate healthy and trouble free.