Prostate Tea for Maintaining Prostate Health

Many men above 50 need to visit the bathroom more frequently than they like to. Sometimes this can be very tiring and exhausting at night. To make things worse, a lot of times there doesn’t even seem to be much urine flow at all. The culprit behind frequent urination and disorders (swelling, pain, dribbling, burning micturation, haematuria etc.) is a small walnut sized gland, the prostate.

Getting Up multiple Times at night to go to the bathroom?

The anatomical position and particular function of the prostate makes it most susceptible to all kinds problems including:

  • Enlarged Prostate or BPH (Beginning Prostate H) – especially for men over 50
  • Prostate infections which can lead, if not treated correctly to
  • Long term painful conditions like chronic Prostatitis
  • An in the worst case prostate cancer

In the case of the very common BPH disorder for older men the prostate grows out of proportion and constricts the urethra, thereby creating the painful complications and frequent urination problems.

Very happy to get up 2 times a night instead of 6 times!

Last 7 years or so my prostate bothered me a lot. After drinking the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea in the last 6 months I am very happy I have no more inflammation and go to the bathroom during the day and night without urgency.

Rajenora Windsor, ON, Ezeeflow Prostate Tea Customer

What are the Treatment Options for Prostate Disorders?

Western medicine provides a few options to treat BPH and other prostate symptoms, none of which are very appealing:

  • Drugs such as Flomax, Proscar, UroXatral etc. are widely used to correct prostate disorders. The downside of most prostate treatment regimens is that you need to take the drugs over a long period of time (sometimes as long as you live) to be able to see some positive effects and by the time the positive effects are in place, the negative ones like backflow of the semen into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation), erectile dysfunction, unwanted hair growth all over the body etc. also start to appear. One may end up taking more drugs to counter the side effects … and this might just become a never ending vicious cycle.
  • TURP Surgery and Microwave treatment –TURP (trans urethral resection of the prostate) surgery removes chunks off your prostate to open up again the urethra, but that does not offer guaranteed protection against future prostate enlargement. Same holds true for microwave therapy. Both of these procedures are very painful and uncomfortable.
  • Prostate Removal Surgery – in the worst case (e.g. cancer or other complications) your prostate may have to be removed. Surgery can be dangerous and poses the risk of leaving you in diapers for the rest of your life

Don’t let your prostate go without a fight! Lets look at some additional, more gentle alternatives that provide you pain relief and at a minimum delay any of these procedures for years so you get more quality of life in the meantime.

After all these years I finally have relief!

I suffered for 4-5 years with having to get up frequently during the night. After 8 days drinking the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea #4a the burning and irritated feeling subsided and so did the nightly bathroom trips.

Jan, 68, Mission, TX, Ezeeflow Prostate Tea Customer

Herbal Teas- a very simple and inexpensive solution

Herbal and natural medications are often preferred to drugs or conventional medicine as they generally have less side effect and typically don’t pose any harm to the patient. This is provided they’re as good as the claims and there’s scientific evidence available to support those claims.

Herbs have been proven over generations to be effective in preventing prostate problems (BPH, Prostatitis etc.), and in some cases even curing them. The good news is that there are many effective herbs out there that

  • Improve your immune system to fight off diseases
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system to transport off toxins
  • Reduce inflammation and therefore pain associated with inflamed tissue
  • Possess antibacterial qualities to fight any residual bacteria in prostate and urinary tract

Natural herbs can be taken in many forms, e.g. ground up in capsules, as tinctures, or steamed in hot water resulting in herbal tea. In general herbal tea provides a fast and effective delivery to the kidney and urinary tract, making it superior to capsules. Active ingredients can be absorbed speedily in the urinary tract and prostate.

The Market Leader – Ezeeflow Prostate Tea

Ezeeflow Tea, formulated for enlarged prostate symptoms, contains 14 different tea varieties to support multiple aspects of prostate health. Ezeeflow contains Chamomile, cinnamon twigs, cranberry, damiana, willow flower, ginseng, lavender, lemon, red peony, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, water plantain.

Ezeeflow has been used by a variety of real life patients over many years with amazing results. 99% of all patients had lower discomfort levels after drinking Ezeeflow on a regular basis.

After faithfully using ezeeflow for a fortnight people have started feeling more relaxed and comfortable compared to the pre-treatment discomfort in their prostate and bladder. The AICR (2011, Washington) clearly documents the benefits of the Ezeeflow ingredients in Prostatitis and prostate enlargement (BPH).

Three to four cups of Ezeeflow per day would not only soothe away your pelvic prostate realted pains, but also normalize your urination and making it less frequent. You may also feel increased libido due to the catechins and polyphenols present in Ezeeflow which positively influence male sex hormones.

Ezeeflow is one of the best prostate tea products on the market. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, exercises and balanced prostate nutrition (daily veggies!) three cups of Ezeeflow daily will bring you more comfort at night and reduce prostate pain.

Prostate TeaBuy Bell Ezee Flow Tea for Men by Bell Lifestyle Products – and kick out your nightly urination troubles and sleep deprivation. Ezeeflow has a very nice aroma and flavor hat makes it all the more desirable compared to other supplements.